Places to see, suggested trips

Websites that are handy when travelling
Discover Ireland This is official tourism website to help you plan a trip around Ireland, outside of Dublin city.
Visit Dublin Dublin Cities official tourism website
Office of Public Works This is the governent agency that looks after all our national monuments, a family pass for these monuments making your holiday or trip to Ireland cheaper.
Tripadvisor Ireland When you cannot find a place to stay on the Irish tourist sites this is a good option.

Please note, all the places I suggest I have stayed or eaten in ,  your experience may vary (hopefully not). 
I will be updating this on an ongoing basis and refining the maps with road updates etc, these are suggested day trips if you are in Ireland, places to eat and places to stay etc, based on my experience.
I have not put in travel routes in some because the best fun is going from A to B and find other stuff on the way
East Galway
This is a suggested day trip in East Galway. Google have not updated their map with the new motorway which is toll free from Galway to Athenry, Kiltullagh and Loughrea.

View Galway East and south in a larger map
Connemara trip 1
This trip is just a suggestion of a figure 8 loop around Connemara, this trip should only take over 3 hours. But it will take longer as there are so many places you will want to stop at along the way and take pictures.

View Connemara Trip 1 in a larger map
Clare and Burren Drive from Galway
This is a drive I used to take often during the year, there are other drives but this one has a few castles and some of the most beautiful Burren scenery along its route

View Clare and Burren Drive from Galway in a larger map
Ring of Kerry and Dingle
This is one of the most beautiful places in Ireland and worth spending 2 days at a minimum. I have only put in a few suggestions as Kerry can be magical and there are more archaeological sites than anywhere else in Ireland. This route is just a suggestion, I love getting lost in this area there is so much to see in this area.

View Dingle and RIng of Kerry in a larger map

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