About this.

These pictures are just a flavour of Ireland, while travelling and working around Ireland I try to capture a taste of each area. I try to show the good in the places that I go and avoid showing the ugly sides. But I do pass some beautiful scenery each day that I cannot stop to capture and miss scenery, that I sometimes get back too. I try to get the best from each area but may miss things and I have no training so I might use wrong shutterspeeds etc, I hope that I will be forgiven for my errors. I try to add history and some stories of these areas, so that people get a feel for the place. Also because people have told me too, if you need to correct something  or offer further information click on 'Post a comment' on the bottom.

Like most people I only ever took pictures when on holidays and at family occasions, these were saved on my computer and mostly forgotten about. But I changed jobs a few years back, instead of being tied to a desk I had to travel around Ireland (poor me) I started taking pictures on my phone from random places around Ireland and texting them to my girlfriend to make her jealous. She bought me a new camera and told me that I should try to take better pictures of these places. But again I was taking picture and only saving them, they were doomed to stay on my laptop without ever being seen again.

There were others that I used to share them with that are no longer with us so I set this up initially to share with my family and friends, but it was people I never knew before that have shown an interest and I would like to thanks all of you who have stopped by. Especially to those who have left comments along the way, it is nice to get such lovely comments from people I have never met before.
A typical Irish Potato head!


The Ex Farmer's Wife said...

Hi Paz,
how did you get into Newgrange? I tried to get tickets for years.
Did you see that one of my international ladies here in Florida sent your website around? She is Spanish and just loves your pictures. And I could boast...I know this guy!So you have some notoriety even in USA.
Cheers, S.

Paz said...

To see the solstice in winter you have to enter a visitor lottery, but its open most of the year to visitors and there is a demonstration of the sunlight in the Newgrange passage. Knowth can be gotten on the same tour but you cannot get in to the passages there but there is more megalithic art and its very impressive. I have ment to put up a map of places in Meath on the suggested trips but have been busy.
Glad that people are enjoying the site and thanks for passing it on, P.

I'm Jet . . . said...

Lucky you, indeed! Great photos, Paz. I'm an American who'd love to live in Ireland -- the goal is two years from now.

Thanks for the beautiful pictures. They keep me moving toward my goal!


Susanne McAllister said...

Greetings Paz,
Was just introduced to your site by mutual friend, Siggy.
Some genuinely beautiful photographs there. Thanks very much for posting.
You'd think after living here for 20 years I'd have made it all around the island, but there are many sections I never made it to as yet. Your photos are an inspiration.
Slán, Susanne