Friday, June 30, 2017

Soft Day, Soft Border

Soft morning as the mist rolls across border of Ireland with Northern Ireland on Louth Armagh Border


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This picture is breath taking. Please share the place where this was taken. If I ever visit a place like this I’d never want to come back home.

Susan Elizabeth-Servant said...

This is a gorgeous picture. Someone could say this is from the area I live and I would believe them. It looks just like where I live. I never tire of the beauty that is EVERYWHERE here. So many get busy with their daily lives here and don't just stop to look at its beauty. I live at the bottom slope of Mount Nephin, (which means Fins Heaven). We had just moved into this area 25 years ago, we were awe struck at the view of the mountain, it was simply breath taking. My husband spoke to a neighbour about it's amazing beauty, and the neighbour replied, that he stopped noticing it, a long time ago. No one should stop looking at the beauty of the area God has placed them, and be ever thankful for it. As artists, my husband and I are never without inspiration. I praise God and thank Him for this land and it's awesome beauty and wonderful people that live here. Never stop looking and noticing the land in which you live, and let God bless you with this wondrous gift of this earth we live upon. Take care of it this gift God has given us, and protect it. Thank you for sharing my country and its beauty with the world. God bless you!

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