Thursday, March 10, 2016

Quin Abbey, Co Clare

The Friary was built in 1402 by the McNamara's on the site of an earlier Norman castle. The Friary had colourful and bloody history.
The McNamara's gave the Friary to the Franciscans, during the reformation the Friary was given over to the O'Brians, Earls of Thomond.
Donagh O'Brian was half hung, had his back broken and hung alive from the steeple in 1584 and the Friary was turned in to an English army barracks. 
The McNamara's took it over again and rebuilt it and it became a college of 800 students. 
In 1651 Cromwells forces killed all the monks and destroyed the Abbey, though by the 1670's the Friars were back again.
The place has a huge history this is only to give an idea of the history.

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