Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ballinalacken Castle, Sea views and Ghost. Co Clare.

On the site of this Castle the O Connor Clan had a stronghold dating back to the 10th century, the current castle is a two part built tower. The first part was built in the 14th century by the O Connors and in the 16th century the  castle was taken over by the O Briens and they added the second part. The Guest house on the site with its fantastic sea views and great food was built in 1840 by Lord O Brien and was taken over by the O Callaghans who open to the public for the Summer months.. 

Photo above I took in 2008, I stayed here recently and was showing the owner the photo, he says the woman in this photo matches description of Castle "ghost".I saw her white dress she was striking and as she waved I took the photo. The owner maintains that her dress is similar to description of "the Castle Ghost" and he would have remembered if someone was dressed like that visiting the castle. Also the time the photo was taken the Guesthouse/Castle would have been closed.
above View from Doolin side 
More views of Castle
View of Murder Hole  from below where heavy items or hot oil be dropped on attackers, picture underneath is the view from above on the battlements. The arrow points out a sheep to give perspective.
View from the battlements looking out to sea
Views from windows of the Castle
Below views from my room in the guesthouse looking out to sea towards the Aran Islands, the great thing about Irish weather is that the same scene can change from moment to moment.

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The ghost picture is intriguing! Love all of them.