Monday, June 23, 2014

Canal Bridge over road, Longwood Westmeath

Near Longwood in Westmeath when driving under these two bridges most do not realise that they are driving underneath a canal. A lot would have seen them running over motorways and not realise that this has been done for over a hundred years. The first bridge is the railway line the second is the canal.
 View of the bridge and canal perched precariously on the branch of a tree
 Its hard to believe that a busy regional road runs over this peaceful looking spot, the canal is wider at this spot I assume for loading and unloading and docking of barges.
Little house on the canal being renovated

 Views down the Canal and towing path


Christina V said...

Lovely pics indeed!! Impressive shot from up in the tree too! Those are always the best shots! ^_^

Paz said...

I have a history of falling into water :(