Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cork City Gaol

About 20 minutes walk from the Centre of Cork, though uphill all the way this impressive building is now a museum open to the public. Wandering around you can get an idea how bleak and cramped the conditions were and what it must have been like in the 1900's, when the biggest crime that most were guilty of was poverty.There is also a Radio Museaum on the grounds that was closed the day I visited. 
Its also available for Weddings, great way to kick off Life with the Ball and Chain!
Entrance to Prison
The Warden had a tunnel from inside the prison directly to his house so he would not have to run into any of the Prisoners.
Inside the Gatehouse the view looking up at the prison
On Top of the steps
Inside one of the Prison Blocks and the cells
The excercise yard
View out the front door and the prison walls and towers

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