Thursday, September 26, 2013

Muckross Lake and Meeting of the Waters

View of Muckross Lake from the Gardens and as we travel across the Lake to Dinis Cottage and the meetings of the water. The lake is quite deep and there were rumours of a Lough Ness type monster in the lake. The Lakes here a glacial lakes and the formations of the stone are quite impressive and there are caves along in places along the edge due to erosion.
Bridge beside Dinis cottage
 Through the bridge is the point where the 3 lakes waters meet
There is a path from Dinis Cottage to the bridge where the water from the Upper lake rushes through to the Middle Lake, the path meanders through a swampy boglands via old railway sleepers and climbing over tree roots..
The Bridge from where the water rushes through from Upper lake.
Looking towards upper lake

Friday, September 20, 2013

Ladys Bantry's Look out & Garnish Island, Glengarriff

I have taken photos of Glengarrif before and Lady Bantry's look out has great views, (click here to see) the day we visited this time however it rained as soon as we got to top, but the trek is nice.
 View of the boat dock
Garnish Island Gardens Designed by Harold Peto, for Annan Bryce,  a native of Belfast & his wife Violet 1910, Violet died in 1939 and their son Roland bequeathed the island to the Irish nation in 1953. It is still maintained by the Office of Public Works, it is open to the public and a little ferry travels from the village passing by a colony of seals
 View towards Lady Bantrys look out point
 Steps up to little lookout  point
 View towards Kerry and Lady Bantrys lookout
Ferns with Blue Flowers
 View south
 Stepping stones
 Martello tower on the island dating from the time of the Napoleonic Wars looking south out of the bay

View from top of tower 
Walled Garden 
 Walled Garden  gates
 Walled Garden Flowers (am afraid this not my speciality)
 Walled Garden tower