Monday, April 23, 2012

Craggaunaun, Co Clare

Craggaunaun Castle built by the McNamaras dates back to the 1500's and went to ruin in the 1700's until its restoration in the 1900's. The work was completed by John Hunt who's work did not finish with the restoration of the Castle, once it was finished he made reconstructions of early Irish Life on the site. This is open to the public as a walk and a museum. There are examples of Souterrains and Fullacht Fia(for real one click here) standing stones alone the wooded walk.
The Castle from across the Lake with the Cranogs to the left.

View from the back of the building.
One of the Halls inside the castle, there was some painting etc so this was the only shot inside.
Looking down from the top at the Crannogs
The Castle lake from above.
Lake from the base of the castle.
A Crannog was an artificial island built on layers of rock timber and earth that was fortified and was accessed only by dugout canoe or drawbridge. This type of construction dates back to the bronze age and and were in use up till the 17th century.
One of the dwellings with clay and wattle walls.
Inside the building looking at the roof construction.
An example of  a lake Currach 
View from the back of the Crannog.
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Another view of the island
There is also an example of a ringfort  
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one of the fort dwellings 
A hand Lathe

Example of Oghram standing stone
for real Ogram stone click here

Example of a Dolmen
to see a real dolmen click here

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