Monday, December 12, 2011

An early Xmas present for me (from me)

There is this fantastic carpenter who lives near me and I got him to make this wonderful frame 3' X 1' for one of the shots I liked most this year. I wanted it as rustic as the picture and I think the effect is beautiful and wanted to share it, see more of his stuff here
I know I have been quiet of late, sorry, been busy and the weather is lousy


Martine said...

Very nice.. love the light fitting too!

Charlie Adley said...

Perfect frame! You don't want perfect symmetry for nature, because its beauty is all over the place- loved that shot too.

And hey, we all need a break sometimes, even when the light isn't lousy!

Paz said...

the light fitting I am not responsible for :P
more impressed that I was able to tell a guy what I wanted and he did better than expected.