Monday, November 7, 2011

The Chieftan, Boyle Co Roscommon

Sitting on a hill on the side of the road overlooking the road from Sligo to Dublin stands this impressive sculpture. It commemorates a  battle in 1599 when an English force was ambushed by Irish Rebels.
Behind it is a little picnic area overlooking Lough Key


Valerie said...

It certainly is an imposing statue, and unique in it's construction.

Martine said...

Lovely statue. We have some nice pieces of art alongside our roads these days.

This is very much in the style of Heather Jansch, except she works with driftwood.

Paz said...

It is quite striking as its up on a hill. The one positive legacy of the last lot in government is the sculptures along the road and in new developments.

Paz said...

some more here