Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mellifont Abbey, Co Louth.

Funded in 1142 Mellifont was the first Cistercian Abbey to be built in Ireland. By 1170 it had 100 Monks and 300 lay brothers and was the main Cistercian Abbey until it closed as an Abbey in 1539. After 1539 it became a fortified house and the Treaty of Mellifont was signed there in 1603 between the Crown and Hugh O'Neill (The O'Neill) who wass the strongest threat to England on Irish soil.
In 1690 it was used as headquaters for William of Orange in the Battle of the Boyne, whose victory over the Jacobites led to sever Penal laws against Catholics in Ireland at the time 
The tower at the entrance

Flowers on the tower walls
HDR Shot
Panorama of the ruins 
The Lavabo (where they washed their hands before entering chapel)
HDR Shot
Little Church on the hill with solitary grave opposite it
Carved stone inside
HDR Shot

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