Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Maghera Beach & Caves, Ardara, Co Donegal

Just down the road from the beautiful Eas a Ranca waterfalls (click here), there is the Maghera beach and caves* near the village of Ardara. The sandy beach runs back nearly 5km when the tide is out, there is a charge per head to park near the beach and see the caves*. Though Donegal has some of the most fantastic beaches, they are quite deserted most of time due to the weather.
Some of the dunes as you walk to the beach
Looking back towards Ardara.
Dunes beside the beach and beach.
Looking back again using Google measuring tool that stretches back about 2.5km
Double click to see full size the with is over 1 km
Caves*, what the locals didn't tell us after charging 3Euro per head was that a visit to the Caves is not possible after the tide comes in. But if it was out they along the foot of the hills in the picture below.
NB, you should not be charged to go on a beach in Ireland, however you might get charged for access across private lands or to park your car.
HDR view of the Bay


Charlie Adley said...

Love that 1km panorama! Splendid! You have the best job, but to be fair, you make the most of it!

Paz said...

This was on 'Staycation' last week, but I had seen the signs while working. To be honest my job is quite boring but I do get to travel a good bit.

Carolyn Turner said...

This is a nice place to relax. I think it's one of the best. I would really go there sometime.

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