Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hill of Slane, Co Meath

These ruins sit on top of the hill overlooking the village of Slane. This site is said to be where St. Patrick lit the Paschal(Easter) fire in defiance of High King Laoire. King Laoire had fobade the lighting of fires while the festival fire was burning on the hill of Tara, the fire St Patrick lit could have been seen even though it was 17km (10miles away). King Laoire in spite of the defiance let Patrick continue his missionary work in Ireland. On the site there are the ruins of the friary and and the college. 
But this site was historically significant before St PAtrick lit the fire, on the right side (which I did not get to visit this time) stands a Motte and Bailey from the Norman times which is said to have been built on the site where the Fil Bolg Slaine Mac Dela. See more on Fir Bolg click here.

double click on Panoramic picture to see better
views of the college
looking north out one of the windows
The front door
coat of arms on the front door
View of the Friary from the College second floor, in this picture you can see the height of the hill compared to the rest of the countryside.
double click to see the panoramic shot
in side the Friarys walls
Stone cross and church tower
carved angels
window of the tower from inside and out
Church and old graveyard
the impressive views out the windows and doors
Some of the gravestones on the site

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