Sunday, August 7, 2011

Carrick a Rede rope bridge and Antrim coastline

For 350yrs fisherman have strung a rope bridge 30m (nearly 100 foot) to cross to Carrick Island to get to the   best migrating Salmon. Now its a challenge to thousands of tourists each year and gives fantastic views of the coastline, Ratlin Island and the Scottish Islands. There is a 1 km walk to the rope bridge that has some fantastic views along the way.
Two panorama shots of the coastline from the Island, click to enlarge
 Some shots along the path.
 If you look closely on the horizon the Scottish Islands can be seen in the next two.
 Along the walk
 The ropebridge taken from the Island
 Looking down the cliffs on Carrick Island
 The Fisher mans cottage perched on the side of Island about 30m up
 The smaller Island
 The Coastline taken from the bridge
 Looking down on the bridge


Martine said...

Fantastic photos. It seems Summer is in the North today.

Paz said...

Thanks for the comment, will keep an eye on your travels, good luck with it.
they were taken a week ago, I only got around to them. This week in Louth/Meath and weather not too bad.