Monday, July 18, 2011

Old Post Box Demesne, Abbeyleix, Co Laois

Between the town of Abbeyleix and the village of Durrow on the Old Dublin Cork road is this landmark house. Its a land mark as for many Cork people it meant they were half way home. 
I was in a furniture antique shop* just a little away from here and was looking at fantastic reproduction postboxes and the lovely girl behind the counter told me that the real thing was across the road beside her house. She used to post letters in it when she was younger, but sadly this one is no longer in use.
I will admit that I have not noticed it before I did notice the old waterpump just down the road (see here), though she thought that this was an old Irish one this was originally dates back to British rule and the red can be seen underneath the flaking paint.
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*I usually dont like antique shops, there is usually a pile of junk with one or two nice things, but this one had some really cool stuff, better still its in an old saw mill. BTW I didnt buy the postbox (yet) as I need approval from Mrs Paz and I am half afraid to bring her here as my Visa might take a beating!


Charlie Adley said...

Yeh, bringing the material back home might be dodgy - probably looks best in situ, but you know how much I like the random postboxes!

Anonymous said...

I am crazy about this blog.

Ireland makes me happy.

Paz said...

The furniture place had replicas to put in walls, I am getting stone done next month and thought a replica wold be nice, save the postman from walking up the steps,
Andressa, Obrigada pela visita, glad that you like madam, lets hope it does not make you crazy ;)