Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ards Friary, Creeslough, Co Donegal.

Just after Creeslough coming from Letterkenny this site was once the home to the Capuchin order, set on 200 acres hugging the coast and with walks with beautiful views.
It was a nice place to clear my head after a glass of wine or two the night before and  like a lot of places in Donegal its not overrun with tourists. I had only time to take the walk running behind the Friary to the left of the coffee shop which starts off tree lined with views to a long deserted beach opposite and mountians

Monday, July 25, 2011

Memorial to the first shots of 1916 Easter Rising, Laois

Just south of Portlaoise on the old Dublin to Cork road is this memorial, it was here on Easter Sunday  night that volunteers acting on the orders of Padrick Pearse were tasked with the demolitian of the railway to prevent the British getting reinforcements to Dublin from the south. see below for details of the text.
Relief image of the derailed train on the memorial.
Another shot of the area taken the same day

On Easter Sunday night, 23rdApril, 1916, acting under the direct orders of Patrick Pearse, the Laois Volunteers participated in the demolition of a section of the Abbeyleix-Portlaoise railway line at a location near here.The purpose of this exercise was to prevent Britishmilitary reinforcements from reaching  Dublin via Waterford after the Rising had started. This demolition was followed by the firing of the first shot of the 1916 Rising.Other activities engaged in by the Laois Volunteers included an attempted similar demolition of the CarlowKildare railway line and a raid on Wolfhill R.I.C. Barracks.This Memorial has been erected in honour of  the Laois Volunteers listed below, as a tribute to their foresight, bravery and enterprise.Eamon Fleming O/C – The SwanPatrick J. Ramsbottom Vice O/C – PortlaoiseLorcan O’Brádaig Q.M. – Lalors MillsThomas F. Brady – Lalors Mills Michael Gray – PortlaoisePatrick Muldowney – Portlaoise John Muldowney – PortlaoiseColum Holohan – Portlaoise Michael Walsh – PortlaoiseTerence Byrne – Knockalde James Ramsbottom – FosseyPatrick J. Fleming – The Swan Noreen Brady – Lalors MillsMichael J. Sheridan – Portlaoise John Frawley – WolfhillKathleen Brady – Lalors Mills Seán Maguire – DublinMrs May Conroy (nee Brady) – Lalors MillsBreda Conroy (nee Brady) – Lalors MillsDo xum glóire Dé agus Onóra na hÉireann

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Connnemara scene

Taken near Maam Cross

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hooker Bar, Leitir Móir, Connemara, Co. Galway

The Hooker Bar has been running since the 1840's in Leitir Móir in Connemara. Before anyone gets excited chick here.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Brownshill Dolmen, Co Carlow

Dating between 4000 to 3000 BC  the cap on this Dolmen is 150 tonnes and is probably the heaviest of its kind in Europe! Its a portal tomb(see plan below) with the cap resting on a pair of tall portals, the ones on the left in the first picture are almost 1.8 meters (6 foot). The one below is HDR
 The set starts with the view from the road
 This is similar shots but taken using HDR

Monday, July 18, 2011

Old Post Box Demesne, Abbeyleix, Co Laois

Between the town of Abbeyleix and the village of Durrow on the Old Dublin Cork road is this landmark house. Its a land mark as for many Cork people it meant they were half way home. 
I was in a furniture antique shop* just a little away from here and was looking at fantastic reproduction postboxes and the lovely girl behind the counter told me that the real thing was across the road beside her house. She used to post letters in it when she was younger, but sadly this one is no longer in use.
I will admit that I have not noticed it before I did notice the old waterpump just down the road (see here), though she thought that this was an old Irish one this was originally dates back to British rule and the red can be seen underneath the flaking paint.
For more post boxes click hereherehere and here.
*I usually dont like antique shops, there is usually a pile of junk with one or two nice things, but this one had some really cool stuff, better still its in an old saw mill. BTW I didnt buy the postbox (yet) as I need approval from Mrs Paz and I am half afraid to bring her here as my Visa might take a beating!