Thursday, June 2, 2011

Druids Alter / Drumbeg Stone Circle, prehistoric houses and fulacht fiadh

Drombeg stone circle known locally as the Druids Alter is a stone cirle that possibly dates back 3000 years and is one of most visited megalithic sites in Ireland. This is a recumbent stone circle, as in its made up of 17 standing stone but one of these is laid on its side. It was used a a burial monument with remains and ash remains found during excavations. In the first picture the two stones in the middle are though to represent the male and female, being represented by the phallic shaped male and the lozenge shape for the female.
 The alignment from the two large stones to the recumbent stone opposite aligns with the notch on the hills in the background and on the winter solstice they almost align its just marginally out. Just behind this circle are the other building remains.
Beside the Ring there are these remains of conjoined prehistoric stone huts, the stones on the top left background are the remains of a Fulacht Fiadh
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From the other side
This building is thought to be a Fulacht Fiadh, a place for cooking food, It is a building that has a supply of fresh water and a stone lined trough in the ground. Large hot stones would be taken from a fire and placed in the trough of water, this would get hot enough to cook large game such as deer etc.
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Close up of the trough with the well that was built into the wall in the background.
The well built into the wall is built on a drain bringing fresh water with the structure.

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