Thursday, May 19, 2011

Where the Queen did not venture

This is the view towards the spot where Lord Henry Mountbatten, a relation to the throne of England was blown up by the IRA in 1978 on his boat on a trip to Donegal. Those that heard the Queens speech in Dublin were gladly surprised to hear her mention how the trouble had "touched us all" might not have realised the connection. Other pictures taken in 2008 here.
The Castle that was the Summer home of Lord Henry.


Paz said...

BTW these were taken today, A Lovely Irish Summer day at the seaside

Charlie Adley said...

Went to Mullaghmore, felt a strange atmosphere there desite its beauty, and at the time didn't even know it was where he was blown up.

Lovely work, Paz, as always. The rain on ben Bulben is especially mad, looks like it's going up!

Paz said...

They were half hoping that she would come up there, tho' I dont think that Philip would be too keen on seeing the place. Can you imagine having that castle and 3000 acres as a summer home!

Charlie Adley said...

No, I can honestly say I can't. I'd settle for 3 acres and work a half acre of it. That'd do me nicely. but then I'm a mere commoner hebe.

Maybe she needs the space to get away from the hubbie.