Thursday, March 10, 2011


Glendalough  historically is one of the major monastic cities in Ireland founded in the 6th century is was not just a place of religion but a college and place of refuge for the locals due to its location. This is just a tiny sample of its beauty as I only had my mobile with me, the shots are not that great quality. There is lots to see here as its a park also with beautiful walks but I hadn't a lot of time to spend here :-(
First the roundtower and the old graveyard
The entrance, the double gates protected the monastery from attack..
Inside the double gates is a crude carved cross, once people got into the safety of the walls they would offer prayers in thanks at this cross before they went any further.
St Kevins church from the graveyard.
More of the round tower.
Another church ruin on the site
Beside the chapel here is St Kevins High Cross.
St Kevins Church.
The walk to the lakes which is probably lovely and leafy later in the year but I still liked the trees.
A view of the upper lake with ducks, I did not get a decent usable shot of the lower lake


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Paz said...

I only saw half of it, its a beautiful spot, towers, ruins, walks lakes, mountains a mine and a little waterfall, all in the one spot

The Retired One said...

That second picture (and the first one of the cemetery): just MAGIC!!!

Paz said...

If I only had the time and my camera.....