Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bridges and Waterfalls, Kells Co Kerry.

Just before Kells Co Kerry, there is the remains of the old railway line that runs alongside the road halfway up the hills, at one bad bend on the road this railway looms over a bridge that has a huge drop and the sounds of a waterfall. The first two are this railway bridge, it is hard to get a complete shot without a hike up the hill and I had only time to go in one direction and I chose waterfall.
From under the road bridge.
After a hike down a steep slope this is just a run off from the waterfall
The larger fall with view of the two bridges in the background, about 100 foot from the road bridge.
An old stone wall near the river covered in moss


Sean Keating said...

Good pictures, passed that spot hundreds of times and never got out of the car to visit the waterfall!

Paz said...

I have passed it loads of times before and not a million miles away tonight, but the day I took these I had an hour to kill for a change. It is quite a steep slope down from the east side, wouldn't advise on a wet day!