Monday, November 29, 2010

Galway Snow

As posted last night we had some snow, nothing compared to what some of ye may get, but quite a lot for us. The last few years the weather has been quite cold, today was -6 Centigrade which is about 5 degrees lower than we are used to. I went for a walk this morning through a couple of fields to a little farm track, there was a heavy fog which did not help.
First a couple of hedgerows.
The farm track.
Some of the plants
With the black and white landscape there was some green and a few berries stubbornly hanging on.
Again along the road
More berries, I liked the contrast.
Some gnarled and rugged hawthorn trees.
Again the track.
I liked the bird tracks as it looked like directional arrows, these were all over the place.
While these were a more ordered 2plus1 traffic flow.
Fox tracks looking for a meal, I saw him twice but he was impossible to capture.
Finally some hedgerows again.


Anonymous said...

well captured
the fox will be back

Paz said...

thanks, there is no doubt that there will be foxes around this area. Capturing them is the problem.