Saturday, October 2, 2010

Old Fort on the Dingle coast

Just across the road from the Beehive huts that I put up pictures of yesterday, there is this little fort that backs onto the sea. Stone forts like this are common along the west coast of Ireland and are though to have dated as far back as 500 BC to the Iron Age. 
 The fort backs onto a small cliff which protects the southern side.
 The entrance which gives an idea of the thickness of the embankment.
 This is where the Chieftan would have lived
 The inside of the entrance, the hole in the right would have been a storage area built into the wall.
 In the passage way there is a smaller passage leading out, this is barely large enough for someone to crawl trough. Only a child or a very small adult would get through here.
 It leads to the inside beside the cliff edge, I liked the moss and lichen covered stones. The side of the hills in the background is where the beehive huts are from the last set of pictures.
 A view from further back, there would have been a series of embankments leading up to the fort and spikes at the foot of each of them to slow down anyone attacking it. Walking towards me is our Norwegian friend, keep an eye out for her take on her week in Ireland.


Leisha Camden said...

I love how the mist is just creeping down the hillside in the second to last picture, fantastic.

Paz said...

that and the moss on the stones