Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cahergall stone fort

This is Cahergall fort near Caherciveen in Kerry, it dates back again to the Iron age and is a restored fort.
King of the Castle.
A view from on top (for those of ye too lazy to enlarge the next shot) with Ballycarberry Castle in the background which will feature soon. From this you can see the series of steps to help people get up the walls quickly.
Panoramic shot of the inside click to see clearly
Again our Norwegian friend showing the height of the structure, you can see the main structure of the fort where the Chieftan would have lived.
And again she appears in the entrance, very patriotically wearing the Norwegain colours.


Leisha Camden said...


Did we find out how much of that structure was original and how much restored ... ? If any ... ? I misremember me ...

Paz said...

If you look at the second picture, you can see the new stone where it was rebuilt, never found out how much. And you have the pics to prove it, though I heard from a good source that postcards are the same thing :D