Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Beehive huts Kilmalkedar, Dingle

These were one of the cutest and coolest beehive huts that we saw on the Dingle peninsula, just down the road from Kilmalkedar church which will feature shortly. What is so nice about these compared to the ones here is that they are more close knit, it was like the large one was built and the rest were added on as the community grew. The one on its own must have been the distant cousins that no one liked.
 A view from the side down to the sea, I loved the shapes, it was a pity I could not get higher.
 This shot was just to give an idea of the height, I had to crawl to get in the doors.
 The door to what I imagine was the first, one built as it appears the best built, the others spring from it
 This one is less square and less carefully built.
 I loved the subtle purples, reds and greens on the weathered walls
 A souterrain  at the base of one of the walls, the other end of this was not visible anywhere outside the walls.
 Only one side of the fortification of the wall remains, they used the terrain to build their fort on a height.


Charlie Adley said...

Lovely shots! When I went to the beehives a good few years ago I remember being moved and incredibly impressed by the craftsmanship - and from what I recall, they were pretty dry and moss-free on the inside. Boy, you sure do get around. Fair play to ye!

Paz said...

Thanks, I was equally impressed with the craft and the patience that they had in comparison to some of the stone masons in action today.
I do tend to get around, however most of the pictures lately have been leisure.