Friday, October 1, 2010

Beehive huts Dingle

A view similar to the one in last post, this is taken right at the entrance to the huts.
Beehive huts date as far back over 3000 BC, so it is difficult to date them. But these ones were used up to the middle of the last century to keep sheep and goats during the winter.
Views from the front doors.
This is built into the perimeter wall and would have been used as storage or somewhere to keep small animals such as pigs, goats or a naughty child.
A view from the back wall of one of the huts, look to the right of the door the little hole in the bottom of the wall.
That hole is a souterrain and continues along the perimeter wall, these would have been used to escape during an attack. This ones roof has fallen in making it visible.
Another view of the huts as the mist continue to roll down the hills.
The nearly obligatory shot of our Norwegian friend who has started posting her random thoughts and ponderings of Ireland. 


Ashley said...

I love the shots of the doorway with the views of the ocean and cliffs. Keep up the good work!!

Paz said...

thanks madam, they came out better than I thought. I could not follow you or leave a comment on you page I had a few ideas for your trip to Ireland

Leisha Camden said...

A storage space for naughty children ... ! ;-D

Paz said...

Well its a theory, thats all the historians have, theories, as there were never any bones or marks on the walls. If we look at the evidence from the forts we went to, all parents made their kids go into these little spaces.
So we could suggest that parents in the past did likewise at first for fun, then when the kids were naughty and they all lived in a one room house, they could not be sent to their room, so where to put them and we join the dots ..... 1+1 =3 :D.
As I said its a theory, your the Historian you tell me.