Monday, October 4, 2010

Ballycarberry Castle

A castle has stood on these grounds since the 1300's and the building of this is associated with Carberry O'Shea. But it was the home of the MacCarthy's until the 1590's when it passed to Sir Valentine Brown.
A view trough one of the windows
Another window and another appearance from our Norwegian friend.
Queen of the Castle in Norwegian colours

Back of the Castle
Side view of the castle showing the cracks


Charlie Adley said...

Love that misty light - reminds me of autumnal north Mayo mornings in the ruins of Rosserk Friary. Love it. Thanks Paz.

Paz said...

Glad you like it I agree it does remind me of some of the many ruins around the west. I hope you are not feeling as shredded these days and the Missus is still out of hospital, I meant to leave a comment but had trouble with Blogger that day.

Leisha Camden said...

Look, it's me ... !! :-D

This place was just amazing. I curse my stupid camera. (I need to get a second battery for it, seriously.) Almost the best thing was that you couldn't really tell until you went around behind it that parts of the upper stories were still intact. Fantastic. :-)

Paz said...

I think both shots came out well, I could not load other pictures from there, I will load all of the pics onto a disc and snailmail you them