Friday, October 8, 2010

Adare Village, Co. Limerick

Adare is known around the world as a golfing destination, thanks mainly to its holding of the Irish open and JP McManus's Pro-AM tournament which brings some of the biggest names in world golf helping to raise millions every year for charity.
The village today is just less than a Km away from the original settlement at the river crossing. In design it has a mixture ot Irish thatched cottages and English style houses, wheich help make it one of the more picturesque  villages in Ireland. There is a lovely walk from the village around the river bank back into the town, these shots were taken on this walk.
The thatched cottages.

Walking towards the Priory.
An old stone signpost that could be read when life did not move as fast.
The Priory.
Views of Desmond Castle and the bridge along the walk.
The back of the Priory, someone got a picture of me balanced precariously on a timber post to get this, which might appear elsewhere in the future.
The old railway bride
Looking down the disused track.
Looking back through railings in the bridge to the Castle.

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