Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Stroll though Galway City

These were taken on a Stroll through the city on a Sunday Morning
First the statue of writers Oscar Wilde and Estonian Eduard Vilde in conversation, though they lived at the same time the two never met. This replica of one in Estonia and was presented to the people of Galway.
The swans lining up by the old mills, Galway Cathedral in the background.
Ironically close by on the street taxis are cueing in line too.

Reflection of an apartment block and an old bridge, close by to where Nora Barnacle was born. She was the lover,inspiration and eventual wife of James Joyce.
This reminded me of the Simpsons when the Oaps being promised 'the most duck filled pond'
These two were not ready for a dip just yet
Some shots along the river and the little canals
Our Norwegian Friend below taking pictures, keep an eye out for her thoughts on Ireland coming up.
Founded in 1845 the Quadrangle of University of Galway opened to 63 students in 1849. It was built as a replica of Christchurch in Oxford and was built during the famine as a relief to people suffering and give them some employment.

Our Norwegian buddy appears again

Sculpture depicting woman being liberated from inequality.

The Stump of a tree carved into the shape of a Salmon, during the Salmon fishing season there are always a few fishermen in the waters behind this.


The Retired One said...

I love the old brick building with all the ivy on it..really neat!

Paz said...

Galway is not that big but some of its buildings are quite cute