Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mountain Stream, Ring of Kerry.

I have taken this picture from a similar angle before, but the day I took this I had a little help...
As in a Norwegian friend (pictures below with Norwegian flag T shirt) who travelled around Ireland for a week with myself and Mrs Paz. So keep an eye on her site over the next few months as she took nearly 5000 pictures and you might also read how I fell in the river in Sneem
A view down the valley.

Shots taken going down the valley.

Final view leaving the valley.


Kimberly said...

I wish there was a LOVE check box because i totally would have checked it! lol. these are great! & its all good for you not coming by to comment lately i haven't been around much lately either! But great stuff!

Paz said...

thanks for the comment, again sorry that i dont get to see your pics, crazy busy (which is a great complaint these days)

Anjel said... always! Thanks for sharing with us all. Have a GREAT day!

Paz said...

Anjel, I may be wrong but this is your first comment, thank you and have a good one yourself.