Friday, June 4, 2010

Trim Priory of St John the Baptist / The Crutched Friars

The Priory was built in the 13th Century by the Bishop of for Meath for the Crutched Friars who ran hospitals  and Guesthouses. In 1539 the Priory was dissolved and this became a residence, I would have taken more pictures of the main building but there were too many kids running around in there. 
This is 5 minutes walk from the previous set and a lovely walk down the river from the Castle and Yellow Tower, which I didn't.
This was part of the defensive wall around the Priory
Inside the tower first the clockwise steps to suit the right handed Swordsman coming down the steps and the next one the space they had to look out.

The other side

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The Retired One said...

Just look at those worn, old steps from the years of them being tread I wish they could talk and tell us more!