Thursday, June 3, 2010

Trim Abbey

This one I am not too sure about my map said that it was Trim abbey but I cant find any info on it on the internet, buts its along a walk from the Castle and the Bell tower
Starlings rising
Part of the Graveyard
The main building
Ruins down by the river
Through the window a view of the flowers and the River

More headstones in the overgrown Graveyard
Another little chapel with a tomb in the middle of the floor
A view of the Tomb looking down


Leisha Camden said...

Ooh, pretty ... !! I love the one with the birds. :-)

Paz said...

that one took a few small fists of stones thrown amongst them to get them in position, a loud cough to get them to rise on cue and several curious local kids trying to figure what the hell was going on:D

The Retired One said...

Enchanting photos! Gosh, the sight of those forgotten tombstones laying crooked is sad to me!

Kimberly said...

I LOVE the first photo as well as the one with the window overlooking the flowers!

Paz said...

@ The retired One, thanks, somehow I like those old grave stones, it reminds me of Shelleys poem Ozymandias.
@ Kimberly thanks my two favourites too.

Hilðe said...

That's just so cool! :D

Paz said...

thanks, was not a bad way to spend a lunchtime