Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Moyglare horses, Co Meath.

I saw this horse this morning through a hole in a hedge, this morning thought it made a cute picture.
Then he called his friend for twice the cuteness.


The Retired One said...

Found your blog from Under the Umbrella...I love photos of your beautiful country...I have a (mostly) photo blog too...hope you stop by at:
I joined on as a Follower.

Paz said...

there are some great photos's there I will be back thanks for the comment

Hilðe said...

The last picture is great, Paz! Nice composition, colours etc. Love it!

Paz said...

thanks madam, nice to see your still around, you know that something happened your greenpicture not there any more

Hilðe said...

Still alive... barely... I think the code of law (heavy as a brick) might have killed me a bit this year. :p

And yeah... I kinda deleted it. BUT it might suddenly come back - 'cause I've got a new job; at a photo store! And I'm thinking about having a year of, just working, reading, photographing, maybe travelling and work stuff out. I'm gonna get my inspiration back! :D

(And I'm still watching your blog frequently, I'm just not that good commenting.) :p

Paz said...

Sorry to hear that the course is so tough, but good to hear that you will be back taking photo's