Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lispole DIngle Peninsula, Kerry

This shot taken from Lispole wwith the shadows running across the mountain.
A panorama shot of the same range

the back of the pub near Lispole an old telephone kiosk

A closer view


Kimberly said...

love it... especially the third one i love when man made & nature come together to form something so magnificant as this view!!

Charlie Adley said...

Great stuff Paz - I remember the first time i went to Slea Head, and the effect it had on my horizon. It looked like the land had been tipped into the vertical plane, with sheep grazing somehow on grass that should have slid into the sea. Keep it up Paz, love the work.

Paz said...

Kerry and Connemara are two of the most beautiful places on this little mixed up island

Charlie Adley said...

They are that, but for some reason i have found the Dnlge peninsula has a strangely oppressive atmosphere. I love Kenmare, the Killarney lakes and the reeks, and as you know, Connemara presses all my lurrrve buttons, but there's something about the sky that hangs over Ballyferriter... darkness.... can't explain, but it's not quite right.