Saturday, May 29, 2010

Birthplace of Barack Obama's GreatGreat Grandfather Fulmoth Kearney

Moneygall should have been one of those villages that people passed on the way from Dublin to Limerick  and would have been forgotten* when its bypassed in November but for one reason, its the birthplace of Barrack Obama's ancestors. There is nothing that would make you want to stop, no where to stay, no Petrol(Gas) station, nowhere decent to eat(theres a "Deli" that makes any type of roll as long as it contains ham or cheese and only instant coffee) and nowhere to stay if you wanted to. Baracks GreatGreatGreat Grandfather Joseph was a shoemaker in the village and his son Fulmoth left these shores in 1850 at the age of 19 for New York. There is no physical link as in a grave or a house etc unlike Kilkenny , but the landscape was quite nice last week. 
These pictures were not all taken on the one day and were taken at different times, hence the difference in clouds and sky colour. First a panorama shot of the landscape, this is on the Laois side of Moneygall. Open the picture to get a better view

If you opened the top pic you might have noticed this little tower.

A closeup of the tower.

Another again, I liked this shot with the contrast of the Whitethorn the grass etc

A graveyard on the hillside.

This was taken around six in the morning, it was like the two cows were playing King of the Castle. The mound is the same one thats in the picture above taken later in the day.

A Panorama view of the other side. Open for a better view

I liked this shot of the horses lying around in the midday heat (we had some sun in Ireland this week). As you can see the Whitethorn is in full bloom, its nice to drive slowly past the hedgerows with the window down to get the aroma.

* Thanks to Mr Obama this village with nothing in it got direct access to the motorway and no doubt there will be places to stay and eat so they can overcharge tourists, Sorry to people from Monygall but I hope tourists get better treatment than I got while working there.


Leisha Camden said...

'Fulmoth' ... ?

Common name round your parts?


The Ex Farmer's Wife said...

Great pics again,gorse and white hawthorne and all! I'll circulate to my US friends here.

Paz said...

Leisha, no seems a very Protestant name, not many Prodestants west of the pale (Dublin region along the coast of wicklow). Good to see your back, you like the pics BTW?
The Ex Farmers wife, thanks Madam, glad you liked them. BTW cant seem to comment on your posts lately.

Kimberly said...

quite lovely! I personally love the first one! Come check out my current post... i have a little something for you!