Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Old country Graveyard, Carrick, Co Kildare.

This is the thought to date back to the 13th Century, the Castle beside it is from the Birmenghams of Carbury.

Camouflaged cross is well camouflaged!!
A castle ruin beside the graveyard


Kimberly said...

These are amazing! i especially LOVE the first one!!

Robin said...

Lovely photos, I can see Carrick castle from my front door. It is a pity so little is left standing

Paz said...

Kimberly thanks, Leisha is always saying I do not take pictures of flowers so I try to get the odd one in.
Robin thanks, it is a pity that some of the older castles are in bits all over the country, but I like finding this ones as I get around, the make interesting silloutes against the backgrounds.

Leisha Camden said...

Ooh, daffodils ... !!! :-o I'm so jealous! But the crocuses have come out here now actually. Still some snow on the ground but also flowers! :-D

Beautiful place otherwise too, gorgeous old monuments.

Paz said...

thank you and sorry to hear about the snow

Anonymous said...

hello, my name is rachel and i am studying graphic design. i am designing an info graph of all the castle ruins in kildare. carrick castle is one of them but i cant seem to find it on an OS map, can you tell me were it is?

Paz said...

I will post a link to a google map of it later this evening when i get finished

Paz said...

here we go hope this helps
53.377878 -7.037193 or 53° 22' 40.3608" -7° 2' 13.8948"

see here on google maps,-7.1521&spn=0.207636,0.44838