Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bog Landscape Galway

This time of year there should have been loads of Furze and other plants coming into bloom, but because of the weather we have had this Winter and Spring everything is 5 to 6 weeks behind. 
But hidden in the dead grass are some unusual flowers.
Close up
A Furze bush amongst the lifeless shrubs
Close up
Just before sunset


Kimberly said...

i have missed your photos! lol. Thanks for this... very lovely & i quite love how things are progressively getting greener & more colorful once winter is OVER!!

Paz said...

Unfortunately our weather is pretty messed up here so the spring is late, we have had snow in places the last few days.The forecast is more frost and rain, sleet aand snow in higher areas it feels like winter

Kimberly said...

Oh wow... that would be quite depressing... i have never been one for the cold/snow EVER... but grew up in it... I am now in a place where it may flurry for a day but it doesn't stick.... so i know the pain but i am glad to be rid of it! lol Hope that it warms up & stays warm for you soon!

Leisha Camden said...

I agree, wonderful shots!! The top one especially, it's stunning, what fantastic colors in the sky. You are so lucky to have spring flowers already, too ... slightly jealous here ... ;-)

Paz said...

but most of the plants are 6 weeks behind, these are winter plants

The Ex Farmer's Wife said...

Is the yellow shrub gorse or furze? I think so. I was told a story about that when we bought the farm. Punchline: A blind farmer on horseback knew his way home by the scratching of gorse against his legs.
Happy Easter!

Paz said...

Gorse is more commonly known as Furze this side of the country.