Friday, April 16, 2010

Best hotel I have stayed in Ireland

This is the best place and best value for money hotel that I have stayed in so far in Ireland. The place is the Viewmount in Longford town and the owner was very friendly and chatty and has done most of the work on the gardens etc he has created himself. Though the harsh winter has taken its toll on the garden he is trying to rebuild them.
Sorry about the quality, it was getting late and I had low light for some of these shots
Herb Garden
The Restaurant
Garden in the front with tunnels to wander through, rockeries over them with little paths and water ponds
The rooms the first Johns (one of the guys working with me),  as you can see he was a little happy with the room
 My Room, not photographed me or the Jacuzzi tub
All the furniture was quality antique mixed with modern and tastefully done and all for the princely sum of 50 Euros Bed and Breakfast, it also has a fantastic restaurant. Prices may vary there were a few of us and it was quiet mid week.
 check it out


Kimberly said...

This looks FANTASTIC! I may have to keep in mind when i plan my trip to visit!

Paz said...

The bad news is that I am working up there again next week at some stage, I might have to stay there again :D
How I suffer for my job

Leisha Camden said...

What a fantastic place, it must be absolutely wonderful in summer. Paz, I'm sure we all feel for you ... ! ;-)

Leisha Camden said...

I also saw your youtube video on this place, fun. :-)

Paz said...

sometimes I suffer for the cause