Friday, March 26, 2010

Enniscorthy Castle, Co Wexford

Along with the attack on Vinegar Hill mentioned, the battle that day in a 1798 was on the town where the Bridge and the Castle were important targets for the British to stop a retreat. While the English took the town it was only after suffering huge losses and the Irish rebels managed to escape over the bridge.
In the 1400's the castle was also a town that was taken by Cromwellian forces, fearing the butchery that went on in nearby Wexford the Irish did nt put up much resistance.
The castle is a Norman Castle built in 1205 by the DePrendergasts and  was the home to many Irish rebels.
The front door


Kimberly said...

I just came on here at work to get a photo from your blog last night and i saw these! & WOW! I love them even more! If that is even possible! great job!

Paz said...

Thanks, I was very happy with the bridge photo and the others came out pretty well

Leisha Camden said...

Wow, great shots! The top one is a total postcard ... !! :-)

Paz said...

I liked that one too