Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tombeagh standing stone, Co Carlow

Standing stones are one of the most basic of megalithic monuments, they were easy to create, just a stone that stands in the ground. There are a few different trains of thought as to their purpose, were they boundary markers, ancient signposts to mark travel route, or for use in some religious ritual. Some of these stones have carvings others seemed to be picked just for their size or for their shape. 
There are a few in Carlow, this one is close to Hacketstown. There appears to be no superstition or other  local trivia around this stone according to a local, which is unusual I thought.

The markings on this stone are all naturally made.

But when viewed from certain angles  I wonder if this stone was picked because of its shape ( I will admit that it was the first thing I thought when I looked in the field at it). 


Leisha Camden said...

lol! That was my first thought too. ;-) How old is it? Bronze age?

Paz said...

:D, 4200 BC and 3500 BC,

Hilðe said...

Kinda looks lika frog on one of the photoes. :p

Paz said...

Bless, the innocence of youth ;P

Hilðe said...

Haha. :D