Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rathvilly Motte, Co Carlow

This little Motte protected the crossroads at Rathvilly and from its location was probably a lookout point also. Rathvilly means the Fort with trees. was not very big but there are great views from it to the mountains in the south and the mountains in the north.
A view of the mountains to the south rising over the fog, the motte is the little hill with trees, quite small.

A  view of the mountains to the north


Charlie Adley said...

I love that - it looks like a holy well! Great Work!

Paz said...

thought you would have been more interested in the English post boxes,

Leisha Camden said...

Fort with trees, what an original name ... :-D

Paz said...

Sometimes it was easier to call it as you saw it,there are a few viking names in Ireland, eg Waterford (Veðra-fjorðr) the weather fjord. there are some funny consequences with language usage changes , like Muff in Donegal and Meath, Muff coming from the Irish Magh for a plain.