Sunday, February 21, 2010

Clare abbey, Co Clare

This is the ruin of Clare Abbey an Augustinian Monastery founded around the 1190's and was in use up until the 1700's. Its just of the M18 motorway south of Ennis, forward planning by the monks!
Some views from inside, you'll notice the slabs on the ground where people are buried inside of the ruins of the church, this is a common practice in old churches around Ireland.
A closer view at the detail of the stonework on the windows.
A high cross in the graveyard of the Abbey.
A stone slab on one of the graves outside.
A closeup of the detail on one of the slabs inside the church. 
A stone crypt built in the late 1800's


Hilðe said...

You're making me wanna come to Ireland to see all these old and cool buildings you're showing!

Leisha Camden said...

ITA! What a wonderful place. Some of these shots are totally postcard-worthy. Hint, hint.

Paz said...

Hilðe, thanks, already there is talks of 2 Norwegian vikings coming to Ireland this year. So when you find your camera :P you can plan a trip here and you will have a guide.
Leisha thanks you too, surprisingly I did not think that any of these are postcard worthy

Anonymous said...

I used to go walking over the fields to Clare Abbey with my uncle as a boy in the '70's, long before the Celtic Tiger and associated materialism / greed ruined Ireland, long before the motorway cut through it.. I still dream of it at times.. it was a fairyland..

Paz said...

yeah agree that it was nicer before all the motorways, but Ennis needed it, it was choked with traffic.
I also agree with the materialistic comment, it was bad for a while and people would rather spend a fortune than visit places like this on their doorstep and are free!

Clare said...

My son and I visited Ennis a few weeks ago. We saw Clare Abbey from the road, so went and had a look. How beautiful! Took some great pictures. We went to Co Clare to see Kilmihil Ennis where my grandfather came from and Scariff where my grandmother came from. I'm now back in Australia. Your photos are super.

Paz said...

Thanks for the comments, Clare is a beautiful place to tour

katie b said...

spent a wonderful afternoon exploring Clare Abbey near Ennis. i got some nice pictures, but yours are better! can't wait until i can go back--hope it will be soon!

Paz said...

katie b thanks for the nice compliment