Saturday, February 27, 2010

Galway Sunset

Sunset this evening, I liked the cloudscapes in the first two.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Drumcondra, Co. Meath revisited in the snow

Just over a year ago I was in Meath and saw a fantastic sunset on the Meath/Louth border, this morning I was back in the same area with snow, by snow I mean just enough white powder to cover the ground . I tried to get similar shots to the ones I had before.
This morning in the snow
2008 at sunset
This morning in the Snow
2008 at sunset
This morning in the snow
2008 they were not the same angle I know, btw Leisha,  Jacques is doing fine.
This morning as the snow melted
The mound again after the snow had melted this morning
2008 at sunset

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Clare abbey, Co Clare

This is the ruin of Clare Abbey an Augustinian Monastery founded around the 1190's and was in use up until the 1700's. Its just of the M18 motorway south of Ennis, forward planning by the monks!
Some views from inside, you'll notice the slabs on the ground where people are buried inside of the ruins of the church, this is a common practice in old churches around Ireland.
A closer view at the detail of the stonework on the windows.
A high cross in the graveyard of the Abbey.
A stone slab on one of the graves outside.
A closeup of the detail on one of the slabs inside the church. 
A stone crypt built in the late 1800's

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Carlow random pictures

Sunburst in hills in south Carlow
I tried to get the reflection in the mirror to align with the hills in front and the ditch

Friday, February 12, 2010

Clonmore Castle, Co. Carlow

Clonmore Castle was probably built in the 13th Century but there was non mention of it until the 14th Century when it was repaired  by Sir Anthony de Lucy in 1332. In the 15th Century it was one of several castles granted to the Earl of Ormond.
The Pooka head on top of the tower.
One of the many holes in the walls

Stone steps

A vaulted passageway

There must have been very little light in some of the rooms

Vaulted roof in one of the parts that is intact

A view of the back of the Castle complex

A view along the east wall
A view from the front of the front (south facing) and the west side of the Castle.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wicklow mountains

These are part of Wicklow National Park.

Tombeagh standing stone, Co Carlow

Standing stones are one of the most basic of megalithic monuments, they were easy to create, just a stone that stands in the ground. There are a few different trains of thought as to their purpose, were they boundary markers, ancient signposts to mark travel route, or for use in some religious ritual. Some of these stones have carvings others seemed to be picked just for their size or for their shape. 
There are a few in Carlow, this one is close to Hacketstown. There appears to be no superstition or other  local trivia around this stone according to a local, which is unusual I thought.

The markings on this stone are all naturally made.

But when viewed from certain angles  I wonder if this stone was picked because of its shape ( I will admit that it was the first thing I thought when I looked in the field at it). 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rathvilly Motte, Co Carlow

This little Motte protected the crossroads at Rathvilly and from its location was probably a lookout point also. Rathvilly means the Fort with trees. was not very big but there are great views from it to the mountains in the south and the mountains in the north.
A view of the mountains to the south rising over the fog, the motte is the little hill with trees, quite small.

A  view of the mountains to the north

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

English Post boxes revisited

I have put up pictures of English post boxes before here and here, there is a history on them in those posts. I love the way they appear in random crossroads in the middle of the countryside and in walls of pubs and shops.
This one is from the reign of George V so from 1910 onwards and is at a crossroads in Knockballytine Co. Carlow.
If Hilde sees this the wall is crooked not the shot :-p

Mount Leinster , BlackRock and Slievebawn

These shots were taken along the road from Fennagh to Myshall looking south, Co Carlow.
This is Panorama shot is best viewed in its own window or tab