Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Snow Co Galway.

While I look out at green fields parts of Galway still have snow, we are not used to the snow like some of my friends. The roads are a dangerous mixture of slush, snow and ice and driving conditions in parts deemed as treacherous according to Road Safety Authority.
But this is what I had wished for at Christmas.


Hilðe said...

I like the snow, but it's not fun when it disappear straight away or turn into ice and slush, as you say.

I can't remember the last time we had snow on Christmas Eve, until last year. (You can find snow several places in Norway wintertime (even in summer), but I live at the coast, a bit south in the country - the snow comes at afternoon and melts in the evening, before it freezes during the night .)

My grandmother is in a wheelchair and lives at a home for adged, so we need a special taxi for her when she visits. The snow made it so difficult for the driver - he barely made it through to our house.

Don't want to think about what would have happened if the taxi-driver hadn't come: she needs special medical supervision and can't move other bodyparts than her head, neck and barely her hands.

Guess I won't wish for a white Christmas for a while! :)

Hilðe said...

Great picture, by the way!

Love the composition! :)

Paz said...

great to hear that your grandmother could travel and that ye were not affected, ye are more used to the snow than us here.

Leisha Camden said...

Nice shot. IMO Christmas ought to be white if it possibly can, but then there's white and there's white. I don't need four feet of the stuff. :-)

Paz said...

thanks, I Ireland would close if we got 4 foot of show