Friday, December 18, 2009

Kilkenny Castle Sunrise

Kilkenny Castle is the centre of the City of Kilkenny, the first castle was built by the Anglo-Norman Leader 'Strongbow' Richard de Clare. He played a leading role in the Norman invasion in Ireland, he had the most success as he was not just a soldier but also a politician. He married the Aoife (ee-fa)the daughter of the King of Leinster and on the death of her Father succeeded him.

These shots were taken at the back of the Castle from the Canal.

Just after sunrise, I would have taken some more pictures as it is a stunning Castle and open to the public but alas I had work to do.


Leisha Camden said...

Beautiful shots of a beautiful place ... I love the light in these shots. Where is this place, is it close to where you live? Since they both start with Kil- ... ?

Just a random thought ... :-)

Paz said...

Kilkenny is in the south east, its a nice place to visit, though can be a bit messy at the weekends, its about an hour from Dublin and about 2 hours from Galway.
Place names with Kil/Kill and Cil are common throughout the country, it is the Irish for Church. In Irish its Cill Chainnigh or to translate the church of Canice,but to confuse sometimes Kil can come from Coill or Wood. Here are others that appear often in names.
Roe from rua(red) Carraroe, Slieveroe, Knockroe.
Lough from Loch(lake) Loughrea, Glendalough, Loughbeg.
Glen from Gleann(Valley) Gendalough , Glenroe.
Combining two meanings you can get translations, Glendalough lake valley
and Glenroe is red valley