Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Milford Mills county Carlow

This mill was set up in 1790 by the Alexander family and by 1830 it had a turnover of nearly £200,000, amzing in that the buildings and land were valued in 1853 at £370(not including machinery). It had both an 18 foot and a 22 foot wheel making it one of the largest and most powerful mills in Great Britain and Ireland at the time. In 1862 it was turning out 40 to 50 thousand bags of flour a year when disaster struck. Fire struck in November destroying most of the machinery and a several thousand bags of wheat, but leaving the contents of the office. The fire is thought to have started by a spark of the grinding wheel and burned for several days, it was seen in Carlow town nearly 7 Kilometers away.


Leisha Camden said...

Aww, those poor people. The owners of the place I mean. I feel bad for them. :-(

Paz said...

I hope that the poor locals had work after the fire, it was a few years after one of the great famine and the country was rebuilding and looks like the Alexanders who had come over here with some pedigree made their money in the years before fire. they probably done ok

Hilðe said...

Awh... Sounds really bad... :S