Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Innisboffin, Innisdooey and Tory Island before daybreak.

I know the Quality is not great in this picture as the picture was taken just before dawn on a wet morning. The two peaks on the right are Innisboffin and Innisdooey, the one one longer one on the right is Tory. Tory was the stronghold of the Mythical Fomorians an ugly bunch of  semi-divineNorwegians*, and was the scene of the last Naval battle of the 1978 Irish rebellion, between the English and the French navy.
*sorry to my Norwegian friends, but couldn't resist ;-p


Leisha Camden said...

I forgive you, anyway. ;-)

The picture's kind of blurry but the color's very pretty. :-)

Paz said...

It was taken at daybreak, the sun hadn't appeared at that stage so the light was bad.
Only posted so I could tease you guys :D

Hilðe said...

Hahaha! Good one. :P

Agree with Leisha, wonderful colour!

Paz said...