Thursday, November 19, 2009

Floods in Galway,an Irish winter

When we were in school we learned in Geography that Irish weather was mild moist and changeable, as you can see it was more than moist today and yesterday. The funniest thing though that I have seen is a guy in an agricultural tractor driving people back and forth to the pub. Meanwhile elsewhere a guy I am not sure if he said his name was Noel or Noah is gathering animal's of every variety.
the pictures were taken through a rain soaked windscreen so forgive the quality.
Kiltullagh old road in the foreground with Kiltullagh Castle nearly surrounded

Ballyfa this afternoon

Kilconieron Austin DB9 stuck in flood, he almost made it.

Kiltullagh the turlough had burst over ther wall, a brave soul tries to get through, I turned back but got stuck later :(, back on the road again :)


Leisha Camden said...

Wow, that's a lot of water. :-o

Paz said...

think of going to find that chap that was loading animals on a boat

Anonymous said...

Really liked your pictures- wonderful. The ountryside looks beautiful. Hope Noah saved his animals!

The Ex Farmer's Wife said...

Hi Paz,
outstanding commentary too! Found you in position 6 googling Irish floods;Congratulations!!!
Asked before: interested in a link to my blog? The Ex Farmer's wife

Paz said...

Anonymous, glad you liked the pictures on the site. I think he managed to get all but I think he only found one Kangapotimuss.

The Ex Farmers Wife, I have a link up to your site in and out, I must try and find the other link to the other one. or is that what you meant?