Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tower of Llyod and old round tower Kells, Meath

I have posted here and here about this before, but with pictures taken from the north and south and further away, so this morning I had breakfast here ,how awful for me ;-).
here are different ideas on the purpose, for some it was built as a folly at a time in Ireland to provide money for the people after the first great famine. For others as a look out tower to view the local events. The rising Sun and Birds in the background
A view looking west from the tower, the hill that you can barely see in the center beside the hedge line is witch's peak in Oldcastle. Also visible is the moon. This is a Kells Bell Tower, it is unusual in that on top there are five windows. Most old Bell towers have 4 facing the points of the compass this has 4 facing the 5 approaches to the town. I only got two quick shots this one on the west side


Hilðe said...

Kinda looks like a lighthouse. :-P

Adoreable colour of blue on the silhouette photo. :D

Paz said...

that is why some argue that its a folly, that a building built for no purpose, as in a lighthouse in land. Locals argue that is not a folly as its a look out tower as you can see across several counties in either direction and it was used for watching horse racing etc.
There were a number of folly's built in Ireland around and just of the famines here to employ people.
I liked the colour in that one too along with the birds.

Leisha Camden said...

I love those first three photos. Wow. Amazing color, ITA.

Paz said...

thanks madam