Saturday, October 3, 2009

Strongfort Castle, Galway

This is Strongfort Castle in Craughwell, Galway. Its a 15th Century Castle built by the Norman Burke/De Burgo family. The Burke family claimed ancestry to Charlemange, when they first came to Ireland they lived in Limerick. Then Richard is credited for founding Galway city in the early 1200's. As a sign of their power, there is 121 castles built by the Burkes scattered around Galway county.
This castle can now be rented out as a holiday home!
Just as I took this shot from the other side all the birds rose from the line of trees. A close up of the gate post


Leisha Camden said...

Wow, what a lovely place. A vacation there wouldn't be too shabby. :-)

Paz said...

agreed but I am sure it wouldn't be cheap

Hilðe said...

Wahoo! Is there an imprisoned princess with a looong veil in the tower and a dragon guarding her? :D

Paz said...

you rent the place , you can be whatever you want :D